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The city of Limpio (formerly known as Tapúa) is located in the Central Department, Paraguay. It was founded on February 2, 1785, by the Friar Luís de Bolaños under the name of San José de los Campos Limpios de Tapúa.

It was one of the first centers of Spanish–Guaraní crossbreeding. It is bordered by three rivers: The Paraguay River, the Salado River and the San Francisco River. Its saint patron is Saint Joseph.


This city is considered to be one of the first towns in the country.

It has an approximate area of 117 square kilometres (45 sq mi) shared in 9 companies and 20 urban neighborhoods and villas. Some of them still have a purely agricultural-rural character, while others are more urbanized.

Is located 23 kilometres (14 mi) away from Asunción, between the urbanized cities of the Central Department. To get there you should take the Route 3 "General Elizardo Aquino". Because of the explosive growth rate and its high population density, as well as a lack of infrastructure, it is a challenge for its inhabitants to develop opportunities.

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Juan Carlos Torres opponent named for ‘A Puno Limpio’ on Friday night

WBN 26 Jun 2019
In search of an opportunity for a world title, WBO #7 ranked Jean CarlosLoboTorres will fight again in his town defending for the second time his WBO Latino title at 140 pounds against the Nicaraguan Julio Laguna in the main event of “A Pu�o Limpio”, ......

Eight bouts confirmed for ‘A Puno Limpio’ on June 28 in Trujillo Alto

WBN 24 Jun 2019
RINGSIDE 24/06/2019 ... “We are going to have eight interesting fights in this edition, starting with Lobo Torres against Julio Laguna and the unbeaten Carlos Arrieta and Patrick Cora in important events, as well as other prospects of this area with very good matches,” promoter Iv�n Rivera explained ... .......

Jean Carlos Torres, Wilfredo M�ndez both in action on May 24 ‘A Puno Limpio’

WBN 08 May 2019
“For the second time this year, Lobo (Torres) and Bimbito (Mendez) will feature at the Coliseo Rub�n Zayas Monta�ez in another big show of the series A Pu�o Limpio defending their titles against good rivals like Julio Laguna and Janiel Rivera in front of their fans in Trujillo Alto,” said promoter Iv�n Rivera, president of PRBBP....

A Puno Limpio Results: Roman Martinez returns with TKO win

WBN 30 Mar 2019
RINGSIDE 30/03/2019. Roman Martinez returned to action on ‘A Puno Limpio’ on Friday night, recording a victory in his push for another world title shot. Below are full results from Puerto Rico.. Rubén Zayas Montañez Coliseum in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. RED CORNER BLUE CORNER. (135 lbs. – 10 Rounds). ROMÁN MARTÍNEZ – 136 lbs. VS ... – 10 Rounds)....

Henry ‘Moncho’ Lebr�n features on March 8 ‘A Pu�o Limpio’ card

WBN 28 Feb 2019
This show, which is the second of the “A Pu�o Limpio” series in 2019, will be broadcast live on Facebook Live through���and by Wapa Deportes later....

Popeye Lebron ready to impress on Friday night’s ‘A Puno Limpio’ show

WBN 24 Jan 2019
“A Pu�o Limpio”, a series that had its first part between 2011 and 2012 with shows around the island, returned to scene in 2018 with five events, in which some titles bouts were disputed and featured prominent Puerto Rican fighters and prospects in its new scenario, the Rub�n Zayas Monta�ez Coliseum in Trujillo Alto....

Jeyvier Cintron wins by DQ: A Puno Limpio results

WBN 08 Dec 2018
RINGSIDE 08/12/2018. " ". RED CORNER BLUE CORNER. (WBO Latino Title 115 lbs. – 10 Rounds). JEYVIER CINTRÓN – 115 lbs. VS. MARVIN SOLANO – 115 lbs. Bayamón, Puerto Rico (9-0, 4 KOs) Managua, Nicaragua (21-3, 8 KOs). Cintrón won by disqualification at 1.40 of the eighth round when referee Roberto Ramirez stopped the bout after some dirty moves by Solano ... VS....

Cintron, Bisbal all set for A Puno Limpio this Friday

WBN 05 Dec 2018
The successful series “A Pu�o Limpio” will end 2018 this Friday, September 7, with two important matches when former Olympians Jeyvier Cintr�n and V�ctor Bisbal feature in separate bouts in a show that will be held at the Rub�n Zayas Monta�ez Coliseum in Trujillo Alto ......

Undercards set for Dec 7 A Puno Limpio show

WBN 01 Dec 2018
“We finished A Pu�o Limpio in 2018 with seven fights and the headline matches of Jeyvier (Cintron) and (V�ctor) Bisbal, and we continue working for the next events of this series in our house, Trujillo Alto,” said promoter Iv�n Rivera, president of PRBBP....

Seven bouts confirmed for ‘A Pu�o Limpio’ next Friday night

WBN 21 Oct 2018
“We will officially present seven bouts in this edition of “A Pu�o Limpio”, where we will be starring the rematch between Bimbo Lebr�n and Antonio S�nchez, accompanied by a group of prospects from the area in good fights,” said Iv�n Rivera, president of PRBBP....

Bernard Lebr�n v Antonio S�nchez II on Oct 26 ‘A Puno Limpio’ in PR

WBN 03 Oct 2018
Lebr�n (10-1, 4 kos) and S�nchez (5-5-2, 3 kos) met in the first show of “A Pu�o Limpio” on August 10 and after eight exciting rounds, Lebron won a close unanimous decision with identical votes of the three judges, who scored 76-75, being the point of the advantage the fall that Lebr�n inflicted on Sanchez in the sixth round....

Un auto limpio es dinero en el banco

Kankakee Daily Journal 12 Sep 2018
(NAPSM)—Comprar un carro nuevo es una importante inversión financiera. Mantenerlo limpio es una manera fácil y económica de proteger su reventa y valor de intercambio ... ....

Full card set for the return of 'A Puno Limpio' this Friday night

WBN 09 Aug 2018
"After several years we will present A Pu�o Limpio, a series in which some Puerto Rican prospects got to know and developed around Puerto Rico, but this time we do it with ... The next dates of "A Pu�o Limpio" this year will be on September 28, October 26, November 16 and December 7....

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